Mural Arts Masters
Adaptable: 6-40  sessions, depending on your project.
Grades: 4 - 12, Adult
This unit is designed to serve the community by providing murals with the assistance youth artists. Students collaborate with neighborhood members to design and create a community mural. Students engage in a public input and design review process, prepare the mural site, transfer designs, coordinate Community Paint Day, touch up the artwork and help coordinate a final celebration. Each lesson includes time to look at, talk about and create works of art. This unit has a focus on drawing and painting.

Jewels of our Neighborhood

6 Two Hour (120 min.) Sessions (12 hours)
Ages: Intergenerational

This exciting program pairs Long Time Residents with Youth to develop a dialogue based presentation that might incorporate visual arts, theater, spoken word or dance. These might include solutions to community problems, historical narratives, or stories. Youth and Adults share stories, develop relationships and create works of art together. Projects like this are not only exciting but can foster civic engagement, reduce isolation and even improve the overall safety of a neighborhood by allowing participants to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Creative Community Builders
( Available in Three 45 Minute Sessions for Schools, Clubs and Businesses)

Three Two Hour Units
Ages: All

This fun hands on unit sets out the basic principles of civic responsibility, stewardship and service through arts centered lessons that introduce participants to opportunities for arts based service in their own neighborhoods, businesses and schools. Includes materials, handouts and worksheets.

Live Arts

Visual Arts, Civic Engagement & Social Justice Units

Services Provided:

Individual and Group Drawing and Painting Lessons
Tutoring in painting and drawing for students of all ages.

Prospective students should schedule an interview and prepare a portfolio for review.

For Students of all ages
Hourly Rate: $90. per hour

Visiting Artist

1/2 Day

Full Day

Multiple Days


Permanent or Temporary

Walk Through Installations




Original Paintings



My mission is to provide in depth study in the tools, techniques and concepts of visual arts, specifically in the media of painting, drawing and mixed media. I believe that these medium have vast communication possibilities and are infused with the innate ability to bond with the user.

"When teaching I encourage critical, creative and poetic thinking. The arts develop aesthetic sensibilities, sharpen perception, promote investigation and reward experimentation. The arts  remind us that all things are inter connected. I believe that the arts must play an active role in our communities and neighborhoods. The art room is a cultural resource center, museum and hotbed of civic dialogue. " Group design involves conversation, trust building and consensus." I encourage students to think about their classrooms and schools as an integral component of the community. From this point of view we can examine our many cultures, physical and social structures from a unique and exciting vantage point. I utilize a mix of popular education methodologies, enriched with  a commitment to the  multiple intelligence, organically  allowing the magic of the arts to enhance  every area of the curriculum with out diminishing the intrinsic or traditional values a disciplined approach to fine arts teaching offers." - Michael B Schwartz