The Great Turning Participatory Banners
Two 8’ x 10’ banners
Audobon Expedition Institute
Moultonboro, NH

Read about the project here.

Inside the Overpass Mural and After School Program
29th St & Columbus Blvd, Tucson, AZ
Parachute Cloth, Acrylics
Click here to Read more about the 29th street mural projects, and ongoing efforts to provide arts education in East Tucson.


Filbert Glow

Site Specific Installation, Eugene Springfield Art Project, Eugene, OR

Visions of the Future

Exhibition, Vashon Island, WA

Windows and Mirrors

Traveling Exhibit, American Friends Service Committee, Chicago, IL


Art Land Project

Sonoran Bioregion, Gaia


VRM Artist in Residence

Tucson, AZ


Illuminations Group Exhibit

Monsoon Collective, Tucson, AZ


Wildcat Country
26' x 40'
Located at the "U at Park" apartment complex on Euclid Ave.

Tres Pueblos Community Mural

10' x 60'
E. Calle Gran Desierto, Tucson AZ

Desert Ridge Mural Project (Temporary)

10' x 20'
Phoenix, AZ

Ryetta’s Port
Monsoon Collective, Exhibition, Tucson, AZ       

Barrio Centro Mural Project and After School Program
Size: 6' x 176'
Acrylics on CMU
Location: 2721 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ

You can read more about the project and the people involved here.
Watch the unveiling here!
And enjoy an Arizona Illustrated story here. Paint day here. A neighborhood civic engagement mural celebrating the life, people, ecology and history of Barrio Centro in Tucson, Arizona. The project culminated with the creation of a mural on 22nd St.


Set Your Goals Higher

26' x 40'

1725 N Park Ave.

Mural dedicated to setting and meeting your highest goals. Located at the "U at Park" apartment.

Strange World Mural
6' x 22'
Acrylics on CMU
Location: Kirkbride Elementary School in Philadelphia

This mural was designed by 28 third graders at , and was part of the Fleisher Art Memorial Community Connections program. This project was one in a series completed over several years. You can read more about these residencies, including  "Hello Tucson, Hello Philadelphia", a wonderful project between third grade classrooms, one in Philadelphia, and one Tucson.

Sun Tran PLACE Project
PLACE, a Sun Tran Bus Poster project, Tucson, AZ
For lots more information, stories and images visit the project blog.

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Ajo Street Art Festival

16' x 18'

This year our team brought together over 50 muralists for this 3 day celebration. I created a mural called "arsenic". Find out why here.

A beautiful example of participatory arts, this wall depicted the passage from a world in chaos to communities in harmony with ecological diversity, 40 participants, this was a collaboration between the Tucson Arts Brigade, Tucson Pima Arts Council and the Dunbar Spring Neighborhood Association.

You can read the full poem here.

Welcome To Tucson Mural

One wall, 20 pillars on overpass.
Location: On Tucson Blvd. next to Esperanza Elementary School)
Sponsored by: McDonald's, Tucson Clean & Beautiful, City of Tucson
Special Thanks To:Tucson area McDonald's Employees, Esperanza Elementary School, Cherry Avenue Neighborhood Association
Funded By: Southern Arizona McDonald's Operator Association, City of Tucson
Project Manager: Tucson Clean & Beautiful
© 2012 Tucson Arts Brigade
Lead Artist: Michael Schwartz, Lead Assistants: Victor Lopez, Samantha Novak, Juan Rocha, Pua & Leah Trice, Margarita Morales, Bryan Delos Reyas, Aileen Boggs



Miracle Manor Neighborhood Mural and After School Program
Size: 14' x 61'

Acrylics, Parachute Cloth on Brick
Location: S & K Market, at 2520 N. 15th Avenue
Throughout this mural project people would come up and comment on our progress. Neighbors such as Jeff commented that the mural “really changes the place, it makes it look better, and brightens up our days”. Continue reading here.


International Peace Mural

12' Dia

On display in Tamil Nadu, India.

Wall of Justice Mural 

Tucson South side Community School: Awards from Season for Nonviolence, Southern Poverty Law Center, YWCA


Gaia Performance Mural

Collaborators: Jade Stokes, Navvab Murnith, Tucson Arts Brigade Youth


DVE Vibrations Music Fest Live Murals
6’ x 55’
Slaughterhouse, Tucson, AZ
The Artists Team included Aileen Boggs, Bryan De Los Reyas, Jacqi Garcia, Aria Pelayo, Juan Rey Rocha and team leader Michael Schwartz. Ream more about the project here.

City Harvest Mural
53' x 19'

Riverside Correctional Center, Philadelphia, PA
By Michael B. Schwartz
© 2007 Philadelphia Mural Arts Program/ Michael B. Schwartz

Sponsored by: City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Prison System and The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Collective Imprints
Size: 4' x 62'
Acrylics on Masonite
Location: The Rotunda, Philadelphia

To read more about this exciting project you can see blog entries here.

Collective Imprints Art Installation is a collectively-produced work of visual art that celebrates the life and history of The Rotunda, local history and folklore, and visions for future neighborhoods and communities. Collective Imprints, the first project of its kind in Philadelphia, is unique in that it employed dialogue, movement, music-making, and holistic collaboration from all participants. Never before has such a long term multi-faceted and inclusive project been open to the general public in this city. We believe that future projects will be born of this, fostering long lasting connections between disparate communities.

Cinelli Bike Mural


8' x 8'

I created a live art-performance Mural at Fit Works Cycling on Toole Avenue. The 8' x 8' mural featured the Cinelli Bicycle Logo and color scheme. There was also an auction to benefit TAB. With Sabrina Wilson and Valeria Hutchings.
Check out the cool time lapse video.

TRUCE: Start the Peace End the Violence Mural
Size 84’ x 10
Acrylics on Brick and Wood
Phoenix, AZ


316 N 4th Ave, Tucson AZ, in memory of my Mom, Delia T. Schwartz.

18' x 36'


Offering by the River

Acrylics on Brick
Size: 16’ x 188’
(one of seven exterior walls and nine interior walls)

Commissioning Entity: MDO City of Philadelphia/ Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Desert Flowers Cistern Mural
Location: Private Residence Foothills, Tucson, AZ
Size: Two 9’ x 9’ x 15’ Metal Cisterns
Acrylics on Metal
Funded: Private Commission


Mapping Philadelphia Mural

Meredith P.S., Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Individual works on boards by third graders, painted and attached to a map of Philadelphia painted on the wall. This unit included story telling and walking tours.

Blue Stream: A Tribute to the American Wilderness Mural

57th and Havaford, Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia PA

Believe in Yourself Mural Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Mural at the Hope Charter School, Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia PA

Bronx Wash Community Mural and Workshops
Size: 8’ x 32’
Acrylic Colors, Parachute Cloth, Gel
4th Ave. and Linden, Tucson, AZ

Sugar Hill Neighborhood Association, Pro Neighborhoods, Tucson Arts Brigade

Learn More about the project here.

Right 2 Dream Park Murals
5’ x 50’
Central City Assembly, Tucson AZ   
Artists: The process featured long time muralist Jos Villabrille who is a freelance artist with more than 30 years professional experience. Jos was accompanied by artist’s Sowmya Ghosh  and Michael Schwartz . Additional murals created by youth in the Tucson Arts Brigade ACE’s program are in progress in the parking lot area. Two new murals were created by artists Alice Glasser and Jeanne Cohen.


Tucson Hip Hop Festival Live Arts

8' x 8'

Six Hours of live painting, five compositions at this first annual festival celebrating the innovation of Hip Hop culture in Tucson. 

MFA Painting, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
BFA Painting, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Full Curriculum Vita available upon request.

Menlo Park Archway
Location: Menlo Park Soccer Field, Tucson, AZ,
Size: 11’ x  7’ x  7’

CMU with brickface and handmade tile
Funded: Tucson Pima Arts Council Public Art Program


Spirit of the Wolf Mural

Center for Biological Diversity.

8’ x 20’

Tucson, AZ

International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) 6th World Assembly Mural Project

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Mobile Mural celebrating lifelong-learning. Created in Ocho Rios, with over 200 participants on display in Kingston, Jamaica. This mural became the lightning rod for a debate over the rights of sexual minorities worldwide.

We Remember 911 Memorial Mural

6’ x 7’

Tucosn, AZ

This project was started the evening of this tragic attack and involved people of all walks of life and political positions. The dialogue-based project was a time to reflect on and create meaning from a horrible moment in time.

Ryetta's Harbor City

Monsoon Pop Up Art Space, 127 N 5th Ave, Tucson AZ

Ryetta establishes a port city and gets a royal guard. This playful temporary installation invites viewers to Interact: Take a picture of yourself, your friends, or just the installation. Hashtags: #MBSarts #RyettasHarbor #MonsoonCollective

Eagles Youth Partnership Murals
Size: 8' x 2400'
Location: Richard Wright Elementary School
©2005 Eagles Youth Partnership / Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Michael Schwartz
These images show details of a massive mural that was created over a 5 week period in the spring of 2005.
Located inside Richard Wright Elementary School the mural spans over 8,000 square feet. This includes the entire first floor, hallways, gym and half the second floor of the school. The first floor features the alphabet, illustrated A-Z, designed with input from students. The second floor is devoted to mathematics. It took a crew of three people working for five weeks to make this exciting project a success. The Eagles football team came and helped to paint during a huge community arts day facilitated by the amazing people at the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Afterwards we stayed on for several weeks to touch up the mural. The first floor has the entire Alphabet from A-Z illustrated. On the second floor are mathematical themes.

Amphi Action Mural and After School Program

Acrylics on Stucco
8’ x 31’
3455 1st Ave. Tucson, AZ  N Facing Wall Public Art Program: TAB/Tucson Mural Arts Program.
Designed and Painted with youth from the neighborhood. Read more about this innovative demonstration project.



Hope Beyond Conflict Mural

6’ x 18’, designed and painted by 24 University students from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. Tucson, AZ

Rosa Parks Mobile Mural Project

Created by youth ages 4 -17 The mural is dedicated to Rosa Parks’ contribution to the civil rights movement. Tucson, AZ

Together We Thrive
316 N 4th Ave, Tucson
18' x 48'

"The Weaver", with details of Empire Market and Coronado Hotel

The theme of “Together We Thrive”, at its core, is about more than community during crisis. It’s about community in daily life, the community that continually shapes us. Though the vision for the “Together We Thrive” mural was born out of tragedy, it now seeks to celebrate Tucson’s history of thriving together as a community in the 4th Avenue district. Continue Reading Here.


Flowers Mural

Winterhaven Health Center, Tucson, AZ        

Secrist Middle School Mural (Participatory)

Tucson, AZ   

Metro Youth Center Mural (Participatory)

Goodwill, Tucson AZ

Treat Eco Walkway Mosaics (Participatory)

Tucson, AZ

All of Us or None: Responses and Resistance to Militarism

AFSC, Chicago, IL


The Jubilee 2000 Mural Project

Tucson Jubilee 2000 Committee. Was located in front of New Talmud and Saint Francis in the Foothills Church on River & Swan Roads, Tucson, AZ

Sabra Hamsa
Location: Camp Sabra, Eldon, MO
Size: 12’ x 12’
MDO Board, Acrylics, Gels
Funded: JCC St Louis



The 4 B's
Size: 6' x 30
Acrylics on CMU
Wakefield Middle School, Tucson, AZ
For more details check out the blog!
Students from Wakefield Middle School in Tucson, Arizona created a service based mural for their school as part of their 6th period elective under the direction of teaching artist Michael B. Schwartz. What emerged is a beautiful 6’ x 30’ mural for all to see and enjoy in the 6th grade hallway. This project was initiated by Wakefield Middle School teacher Maricella Carranza with the assistance of principal Wade McRae. The theme, and title, of the mural is the 4 B’s; Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.


We Give Birth to Choice Each Day Mural Project

24’ x 40’
(Destroyed) 9th Ave & 5th St. Tucson, AZ

IT Installation

Tucson Children's' Museum

Third graders from Richey and Pueblo Gardens Elementary schools. Arts Genesis Inc.

Graffitti-Art Mural Competition
5’ x 180’
2520 N. Oracle Rd
Arts for All, Tucson, AZ
Lead Artist Facilitator

Read about the project here.


Lutheran Family Services, Philadelphia, PA

20 Years Fast Forward

Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham, PA

Lion of Jerusalem

Congregation Anshei Israel 5550 E 5th Street, Tucson, AZ




R. W. Brown Community Center Mural

Acrylic Colors, Parachute Cloth, Gel
25’ x 160’
Location: 1701 North 8th Street Philadelphia, PA 19122
Commissioning Entity: Aramark Corporation, R. W. Brown Community Center


Pathways to Building a Stronger Future
6’ x 10’
Philadelphia Freedom School, Fleisher Art Memorial Community Connections Program

Read about the project here.


Seeds for Life

7’ x 7’ Acrylics on Wood
Private Family Garden, Tucson, AZ
This project involved 26 people in an inter-generational 12 week project. The mural depicts the four directions, four elements (water, air, fire, earth) and the genetic diversity of the Sonoran Bioregion. We discussed gardening, seeds, rotations of life, the moon and much more.

Commonfire Conference: Radical History Participatory Mural

6’ x 35’

University of Toronto, Canada.

Dunbar Spring Neighborhood History Project

Tucson, AZ

Ajo Street Alley Murals


28 x 28

Ajo, AZ

A week long cultural animation initiative sponsored by the International Sonoran Desert Alliance

Read more about the project hereWatch a video from the "Flip Out Flip Over Series" (in progress)

Gaia Project

An Installation at the 40th Street Artist in Residence Gallery

4007 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

"City Frogs" (work above)
18" x 22"
Woven and Painted Recycled Materials
This project included a traveling installation revolving around the topic of climate change, alternative living structures and rituals.

Imagine...self-organized systems,
a holistic interconnected
organization of space
inspired by the observation of nature:
the flight pattern of a butterfly,
shadows in the trees,
the wind blowing,
dried leaves… 

Four Views, Ted’s Newspaper Stand, 40th and Lancaster, Philadelphia PA

Tucson Mountains Mural, Mountain and Ft; Lowell, Tucson, AZ

Island Dreams Mural, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

AIR: Featherstone Center for the Arts, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

AIR: Bok High School, Fleisher Art Memorial CPA, Philadelphia, PA

AIR:  Delaware Center for Contemporary Art Contemporary Connections Program, Wilmington DE

Sister Jose's Women Shelter Mural

18' x 44'

1050 S Park Ave.

This mural was commissioned by the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona as part of their annual Mitzva projects. The shelter provides services for homeless women in Tucson.

Teaching-Artist Trainer: Opening Minds Through The Arts, Tucson, AZ
Mural Artists, Exhibition, Art Under the Arches Gallery, Ajo, AZ