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“Art.ology: Story Vessels” is a subscription based interactive arts project. Follow along on this creative adventure, informed by archeological discoveries and hidden artifacts, that become inspirations for works of art.

Subscribers get an exciting insiders view as the project unfolds.

What will be discovered next? 

Our destination: unknown.

Interact with the project through videos, paintings, drawings, photos, e-zines, zoom chats and direct mailings.

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Project Description

This project began by accident over the pandemic. Blessed with a yard, it was time to build my backyard back better. One day I unearthed a root beer syrup bottle from the 1930’s. As I dug I found more curious objects. The objects inspired paintings and drawings.

Through the study, documentation and reuse of artifacts removed from excavations in southern Arizona backyards we examine questions such as: What happens to our waste? How did these objects wind up here? Who used them? Who manufactured and transported them and under what conditions? Can we reuse these materials? As the dig continued I discovered more bottles, buttons and metal objects.

Pebbles became aggregate for cement, the clay in the soil used for bricks, broken glass for mosaics, and full bottles coupled with paintings to become “batteries”. I started to gather surface soils from locations around Arizona, taking note of location, the soils color and texture.

This project is an artistic adventure into the heart of the American soul, a creative journey filled with mystery and intrigue. There is no road map, only clues. Follow along and find out what happens next!
2022 Project Timeline

Feb - Oct 2022      E-Zine Updates   (every 2 weeks)

                              Social media chats and reels
                              Gather Surface Soil Samples (various locations around Southwest)

                              Game Pieces Distributed
Oct. 2022               Publish full color 20pp 8.5 x 11 Print Catalogues
                               Publish On-line Exhibit